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Bremen start-up develops effective protection against electrosmog

The Bremen-based start-up Wireless Earth GmbH has developed a circuit board that provides protection against electrosmog from mobile phone radiation, and can be worn on the body as a bracelet or pendant. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), electromagnetic radiation is suspected of triggering diseases such as blood cancer.

What exactly is electrosmog and what causes it?

Electrosmog is the sum of the electromagnetic fields emitted by appliances. All electrically-operated appliances generate an electromagnetic field. The public debate about the dangers of electromagnetic radiation mainly focuses on devices that generate high-frequency radiation. In the public sphere, such devices include radar systems for monitoring air traffic, radio and television transmitters, public WLAN hotspots and mobile phone networks such as LTE (Long Term Evolution), which were developed to send and receive large amounts of data such as pictures or videos. In the private sphere they are mobile phones or WLAN routers, for example. According to BUND, in Germany alone there are 130 million registered mobile phones, 80 million base stations for cordless DECT phones and 45 million WLAN stations that generate electromagnetic fields. 

How does Wireless Earth protect against the consequences of electrosmog?

"The way it works is as amazingly simple as it is ingenious, if you know how it functions," says Khaled Diab, Managing Director of Wireless Earth GmbH, who founded the company based in the World Trade Center in Bremen in 2016. The circuit board grounds the wearer of the bracelet, allowing the body to release excess electrical charge into the air. So it is not a defensive shield for a specific type of radiation. Instead, by activating the completely natural ability of the body to rid itself of excess energy, it is effective against any kind of electrostatic charge. Electrons are released from molecules (atoms), leaving a positively charged ion (cation). It is also what happens, for example, when you shake someone's hand and you get a shock, so it is nothing more than a transfer of charge from one person to another. 

The path to a ground-breaking invention!

The Wireless Earth bracelet was invented by his father, Prof. Dr. Abdel-Fattah Montaser Diab, who was a radiation protection expert at the Egyptian Atomic Energy Agency and Professor of Physical Engineering at the British University in Egypt. Diab's sister suffered from severe epileptic seizures in the past.

An epileptic seizure is triggered by electrical discharge by nerve cells in the brain. So Prof. Dr. Diab was looking for ways to discharge the electrical charge from his sister's body. In his first experiments, he tied a cable around her wrist that she could attach to heating pipes in order to ground herself. To allow her to be more mobile, in the next step he had her carry a bucket of water around with her, which was not really suitable for everyday use either. When it became clear that he could provide his sister with relief by grounding her body, Prof. Dr. Diab set about finding a solution for her that would not further restrict her in her everyday life. This was initially the circuit board, which was later used to develop the Wireless Earth bracelet. 

What evidence is there of the effectiveness of Wireless Earth?

Standardised and representative long-term studies are currently very difficult to carry out, because the individual impact on a person depends heavily on the electromagnetic radiation to which a person is exposed. In cases of epilepsy, which is triggered by discharges in the brain, the situation is different. The experiences of Mona Diab confirm the effectiveness of Wireless Earth. The fact is, however, that there are currently no usable studies on the impacts to which individuals will be exposed, such as those which will result from the expansion of the 5G network, for example. In contrast to esoteric approaches, the Wireless Earth bracelet offers a way to protect your health for prophylactic use, mainly because it acts as physical protection – like a helmet when riding a motorcycle or a distance warning device in a car. On the Internet pages of Wireless Earth or on YouTube, experiments such as the Van de Graaff generator demonstrate the functionality and effects of the circuit board in a very vivid way. In addition, Wireless Earth has also been tested according to industry standards and patented in Germany.

Admiration for his father evolved to become a business model

Khaled Diab has always been very proud of his father and even as a child he admired how he devoted much of his work and free time to alleviating his sister's ailments. And how many people can claim to have a father who is an inventor? Back in kindergarten the other kids thought that was pretty impressive. Khaled Diab's respect for his father's selfless actions motivated him to found Wireless Earth GmbH in 2016, after completing his Master's degree in Global Management at the University of Applied Sciences in Bremen. With the founding of Wireless Earth he wants to leave a clear mark on this world and make his very personal contribution to ensuring that, despite the massive expansion of wireless technologies such as 5G, his children and future generations remain unscathed.

The launch of Wireless Earth 2020

Finally, after four years of work, the meticulous preparation phase for the market launch of Wireless Earth has finally been completed. In 2020, marketing worldwide via the Internet will begin. A lot of time has been spent designing and manufacturing the prototypes of the bracelet, the pendant, and the packaging and setting up the distribution channels and customer support. Early bird buyers have been wearing the Wireless Earth bracelet since April 2019, and February 2020 will see the launch of sales on Internet platforms and the wireless-earth.shop.