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Does WIRELESS EARTH offer protection against electrosmog?

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Bremen Start-Up develops effective protection against Electrosmog

The Bremen-based start-up Wireless Earth GmbH has developed a circuit board that provides protection against electrosmog from mobile phone radiation, and can be worn on the body as a bracelet or pendant. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), electromagnetic radiation is suspected of triggering diseases such as blood cancer.

Does Wireless Earth offer protection against electrosmog, and how does it work?

"The way it works is as amazingly simple as it is ingenious, if you understand how protection against electrosmog functions," says Khaled Diab, Managing Director of Wireless Earth GmbH, who founded the company headquartered in the World Trade Center in Bremen in 2016. The circuit board grounds the wearer of the bracelet so that the body can release excess electrical charge into the air. So it is not an electrosmog shield for a specific type of radiation. Instead, by activating the completely natural ability of the body to rid itself of excess energy, it is effective against every kind of electrostatic charge. Electrons are released from molecules (atoms), leaving a positively charged ion (cation). It is also what happens, for example, when you shake someone's hand and you get a shock, so it is nothing more than a transfer of charge from one person to another.

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